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Times have changed and now a connection to the outside world is a must to have. That is precisely what we help our clients do. We design, deploy, and support hardware and software infrastructure for voice and data systems. From data warehousing to digital voice integration, we help our clients add technology infrastructure to their existing workflow. Additionally, we provide IT support plans for regular hardware and software maintenance. The plans include onsite and offsite hours. Our clients choose from a list of maintenance plans that best fits their needs.

Per-Call Plan

1. Per-Call Plan:
No commitments or contracts. If a problem or an issue comes up on your site, all you need to do is to give us a phone call. One of our specialists will go over the issue with you and try to resolve it over the phone or if necessary through remoting. If the problem needs a technician to be onsite the specialists will be able to provide with more options and details in order to successfully resolve any problem.

Silver Plan 2. Silver Plan:
Recommended for Home Office clients. This plan offers up to 3 hours onsite support and 10 hours for phone support. Package include remote monitoring and remote support. Get all your basic needs covered. From setting up home office network to printers, faxes and even phone system.

Gold Plan 3. Gold Plan:
The gold plan offers 10 hours onsite support and unlimited phone support as long as you still have on site support. This package also include remote monitoring and remote support. This plan is designed for small businesses.

Platnum Plan 4. Platinum
Take advantage of our best plan, with unlimited onsite and phone support, network design, remote monitoring and remote support. No need to worry about your business IT needs. Recommended for mid-sized businesses.

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